Sep 2, 2019

The problem with wanting to reverse aging that no one talks about

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In its most hubristic and unquestioning form, bolstered by unapologetic and brash advanced capitalist logics, transhumanism poses myriad threats: from automation unemployment to the end of democracy, to the risk that humans will branch into different species, making questions of inequality infinitely more urgent. Even if immortality arrives it will be accompanied by crimes, wars, and accidents—as Cantona states.

Technology is on the brink of making it possible to live forever—but should we?


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  1. Brad Arnold says:

    Human nature will probably be improved by Transhumanism. Still, it is likely that a person, over time, improves their agency, making them a better citizen and human being. Remember most crime is committed by the young. Also, over time a person would accumulate enough capital to make them bonded to behavior responsibly.

  2. With Reverse Aging it may be possible to turn back the clock on biological aging, a preliminary study published in Aging Cell has found.

  3. Shai Efrati says:

    Reverse Aging is something many people would hope to see in their lifetime.