Oct 30, 2019

The Cosmological Conundrum of the Expansion Rate of the Universe

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Different measurements of the universe’s expansion yield different results. Are we getting something wrong, or do we need brand-new physics to figure it out?


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  1. Professor Abed PEERALLY says:

    The situation with this conundrum constitutes the greatest cosmological mystery of human history. However the universe unlike what Einstein said is not comprehensible. In fact this is very true for his own GRT is mathematically right but physically wrong the reason we have this conversation. The situation of GRT and quantum mechanics exacerbates the whole narrative. We have now to resolve this issue as fast we can. First because there are so many articles on a daily basis that my two coming books are being delayed. I hope to publish them as soon as I can complete my revision of the texts. One of the two books deal with the conundrum: that will be explained and solved. I can confirm that the universe has an accelerated expansion as reported by Hubble and by Reiss and coworkers.