Nov 26, 2019

10th class Indian student creates a device that can predict heart attack in advance

Posted by in category: biotech/medical

Akash Manoj started reading medical books written by global writers only for fun when he was in the 8th class. And just after two years, this child has taken the medical scientists by surprise as he has developed a device to predict ‘silent’ heart attacks. This disease kills thousands of people every year in India alone.

Just after the complition of his 7th class exams, Akash began to visit fairly well-known libraries in Bangalore and he gradually fell in love with medical novels.

“Journal articles are expensive, so visiting the libraries was the only way I could do it. Otherwise, it would have cost more than a crore (of rupees) for the amount I read. I was always interested in medical science and I liked reading the journals…cardiology is my favourite,” said Manoj.

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