Nov 15, 2019

A debate between Vadim Gladyshev and Aubrey de Grey

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I HAVE not heard of or seen this Debate-video??? I thought poor Doctor Aubrey de Grey had shot with “escape velocity” let us say past debates about the probability-guarantee of ending aging. Vadim has his beliefs and yet his beliefs are wrong. {As I have stated and have posted memes for many years that state “WHO IN SCIENCE IS CORRECT??? THE SCIENTISTS WHO ARE WRONG OR THE SCIENTISTS WHO ARE RIGHT??? De Grey is correct as am I. I am a mere data researcher solutions analyst {Yet very dedicated.} So with my dedication I have taken the data of Mankind and found all causes of aging and I have found a cure sitting in data.}.

Is comprehensive damage repair feasible? A debate at Undoing Aging 2019 between Vadim Gladyshev, Harvard Medical School and Aubrey de Grey, SENS Research Foundation.

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