Nov 15, 2019

Bacteria in the gut may alter aging process, study finds

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This could be happening to me.

An international research team led by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has found that microorganisms living in the gut may alter the aging process, which could lead to the development of food-based treatment to slow it down.

All , including human beings, coexist with a myriad of microbial species living in and on them, and research conducted over the last 20 years has established their important role in nutrition, physiology, metabolism and behavior.

Using , the team led by Professor Sven Pettersson from the NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, transplanted gut microbes from (24 months old) into young, germ-free mice (six weeks old). After eight weeks, the had increased intestinal growth and production of neurons in the brain, known as neurogenesis.

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