Nov 14, 2019

Our 2019 Mid Year Review: The Newest Cancer Treatments Available at CHIPSA Hospital!

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2019 has been off to great gains in our treatment of cancer at CHIPSA Hospital. The CHIPSA Approach™ has been a simple one: forget our ego and preconceived notions of what works in treating cancer, and be open to all possibilities. This includes considering both natural and man-made medications for the treatment of what is now considered incurable stage 4 cancer.

This approach is different from what has been used in the past. Our experience tells us that the alternative and conventional sides of medicine have long been at odds with each other regarding what is the best treatment. Each side casts giant stones at the other, all while millions of people are dying of cancer every year.

When CHIPSA Hospital reopened in August of 2015 after being closed for two years, it reopened with part of the old staff, many of whom worked with the legendary pioneer Charlotte Gerson. But it also reopened with a new group of doctors and scientists who are passionate about evolving alongside the latest scientific developments to fight this disease. CHIPSA has used nearly every natural method that’s known, and the fact is, in many cases, it simply is not enough. That’s not to say we haven’t seen amazing results in patients who adhere to natural therapies, but we simply aren’t satisfied with those results alone.

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