Dec 24, 2019

Do Black Holes Create New Universes?

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||The formation of a black hole triggers the formation of a new Universe||

How the heck would it do that? A black hole is nothing but intense gravity. How could it create anything, least of all a brand new Universe? Also assumes that each Universe is governed by the same regularities so that black hole formation is possible. But if the regularities (“laws”) are the same, then the fundamental constants will be the same!

Load of fanciful poppycock.

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What if every single black hole that formed in our universe sparked the big bang of a new universe? Cosmological natural selection proposes exactly this — but even better, it claims to be able to test the hypothesis.

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Physicists have been struggling for some time to figure out why our universe is so comfy. Why, for example, are the fundamental constants — like the mass of the electron or the strength of the forces — just right for the emergence of life? Tweak them too much and life, stars, galaxies, the universe as we know it wouldn’t exist. In recent episodes we explored one possible explanation for this — the anthropic principle and the idea of the multiverse. If there are countless universes with different fundamental constants, then it’s not surprising that a few exist with the right numbers for life — and certainly not surprising that we find ourselves in one of those good ones. But if you don’t like the anthropic principle — and many scientists don’t — then rest assured, there’s an alternative. You only need to accept two things: that our universe formed inside a black hole, and that universes can evolve.

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