Jan 27, 2020

Going gray isn’t a one-way trip? UAB researcher exploring ways to ‘rejuvenate’ gray hairs

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Grey hair seems to be driven by stem cell exhaustion, one of the suggested reasons we age. One researcher believes we can turn back the clock on greying hair.

rep melissa harris 550px

Melissa Harris’s research points to a new paradigm for hair graying. “We thought that once you go gray the stem cells are all lost — there’s no going back,” Harris said. “But presumably they can be reactivated.”

Molecular biology is not usually the kind of science you can do with the naked eye. Sure enough, Melissa Harris, Ph.D., runs a lab that leans into CRISPR gene-editing tools, single-cell sequencing studies and network-analysis algorithms. But all she needs is a glance to diagnose the state of your melanocyte stem cells.


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