Jan 20, 2020

Israel launches its first AI-powered flu vaccination campaign

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The company’s machine learning-based tool applies advanced algorithms to Maccabi’s existing electronic patient data to identify unvaccinated individuals at highest risk of developing serious flu-related complications. These could include elderly people; those with uncontrolled chronic diseases or respiratory diseases; long-term smokers; those that are immunodeficient or have diabetes; or children, explained Dr. Jeremy Orr, CEO of EarlySign.

The EarlySign investigational algorithm flags these individuals, who are then contacted by their healthcare providers and encouraged to come into the clinic and be vaccinated. Patients can be contacted by phone, text message or even snail mail, depending on their communication preferences and the methods offered by their clinics.

Orr noted that the program is especially important this year when many people have already died from the flu in Israel and the virus is expected to take an exceptionally heavier toll than usual this year.

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