Jan 3, 2020

“We’re working on a cure for the grandest disease on the planet: biological ageing”

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The great Elizabeth Parrish on ageing the most sinister disease on earth… I hate it when words are used to make aging sound like a normal sickness or a great sickness, Such as grandest??? Or most Important disease??? The decomposer disease that Woman-man has called natural aging all these years has been in reality a clandestine plague so complicated yet so easily seen by the naked eye if certain scholars-textbooks do not get in the way…

Aging is The Eukaryotic Cellular pandemic plague AEWR has named the Senesonic-Sensonic plague. A disease that causes all of our cells to age nearly at the same rate causing our cells to have to regenerate the day long or the body drops.

WHEN without the Plague our cells individually would live decades instead of mere hours. Causing a bodily effect of Super Longevity-truly Immortality living into millennia once the plague is ended. SO IT IS NOT Liz’s fault, {I met her at RAADFEST 2018 she is a very special mind} but it is the pioneers of biology’s fault that the Human being has died needlessly for now centuries.

Aging could have been cured 200 and more years ago… I search for strong willed men and Women to now join AEWR as investors-partners in agings now end. We have found the causes and yes a very expensive cure we named the Gerevivify Algorithm… gerevivify.blogspot.com/ WE HAVE MUCH TO DO… r.p.berry & AEWR.

The English philosopher Thomas Hobbes correctly identified the historical state of humans when he said “Life in the state of nature is nasty, brutish and short.” For most of history the average human rarely lived beyond 35 years, but today the average Briton lives beyond 85 years. In this video, Liz argues that this luxury of time helps us realise that we must live with the consequences of our actions — which facilitates caring about our environment and each other. Liz’s organisation, BioViva, intend to accelerate this trend by using advanced medicine to increase health and longevity beyond 100 years for everyone.

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