Jan 2, 2020

What is Dr. Joe live?

Posted by in categories: genetics, health, neuroscience, quantum physics

Happy New year everyone! We wanted to give you an inside look as to what happens on our Dr. Joe live calls that take place once a month. Here’s a moment from our last Dr. Joe live call.

⁣ Some of the subjects Dr. Joe may address: latest scientific discoveries; health and wealth; love and relationships; neuroscience and epigenetics; happiness and vitality; the quantum model of reality; how you can make great and lasting changes in yourself and your life!⁣

⁣ With his vast experience and deepening knowledge of how each one of us can unlock unlimited abilities and transform our lives for the better, these classes offer you a unique opportunity to continually learn and interact with Dr. Joe! If you want to take it a step further in the work, Dr. Joe live is a great way to deepen your understanding, keep you plugged into the community and interact with Dr. Joe personally.⁣.

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