Feb 24, 2020

A promising new strategy to help broken bones heal faster

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People with diabetes are at a higher risk of fracturing a bone than the general population. And if they do break one it also takes longer than normal to heal.

In the March issue of Biomaterials, Henry Daniell, Shuying (Sheri) Yang, and colleagues at Penn’s School of Dental Medicine share promising findings from an in which a plant-grown sped healing of a fracture. The work, which used the protein insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), showed that an orally delivered, shelf-stable medication grown in could stimulate the growth of bone-building and promote bone regeneration.

“It’s amazing how one protein impacted fracture healing,” says Daniell, corresponding author on the paper. “The current drug for with a fracture requires repetitive injections and hospital visits and as a result patience compliance is low. Here we gave an oral drug once a day and saw healing to be greatly accelerated.”

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