Feb 26, 2020

Dr. David Sinclair on aging and age reversal (compilation II on D. Sinclair by A. Grases)

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Excerpts from Dr. David Sinclair appearances during 2019 and early 2020. The focus I highlight in this compilation is around the research in progress on aging, age-related diseases and biological age reversal.

Dr. Sinclair is a well-known geneticist, researcher and professor, first at MIT and since more than two decades ago, at Harvard University.

Links of original sources:

Joe Rogan Experience (Sep 2019): https://youtu.be/ZGLL77wYxe8

Rhonda Patrick interview (Nov 2019): https://youtu.be/5DtWqzalEnc

EdMylett interview (Dec 2019): https://youtu.be/-wApz_zqQIQ

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