Mar 30, 2020

HOW COVID-19 KILLS–I’m a Surgeon–And Why We Can’t Save You

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Dr. Duc Vuong, World’s #1 Weight Loss Surgeon, Author of 13 books, explains how coronavirus kills its victims.

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Dr. Duc Vuong is the World’s #1 Weight Loss Surgeon, author of 13 books, and the leading expert in education for the bariatric patient. His particular passion is in helping people break self-limiting cycles and start over again, regardless of the situation. He teaches transformational tools to impact mental, physical, and financial wellness. He believes that everyone can have more because they can be more.
Multiple institutions and medical societies have praised his intensive educational system. As the author of 13 books and several online courses, his aim is to fill the shortage of educational resources for patients who have had or are considering weight loss surgery.
Although trained in Western medicine, he blends traditional Eastern teachings with the latest in science and technology. Dr. Vuong was featured in TLC’s hit show, 900 Pound Man: Race Against Time, and is currently working on his own weekly television show.

Learn more about Dr. V at https://www.DucVuong.com


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  1. Thankyou. Demo helps. I learned a lot.

  2. Kaleigh Schmidt says:

    Thank you Dr.
    With so many unclear messages in circulation- this certainly gives a stark and clear message to those who may be taking it lightly. Much appreciated

  3. Helen says:

    If the Covid virus attacks the ace receptor then would being on ace inhibitor medication help control the response?

    1. Brent Ellman says:

      This makes it sound like you could be at increased risk… I would consult with a professional

    2. Eric Klien says:

      A top doctor thinks that such medication probably helps. Learn more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vZDVbqRhyM&list=PLQ_IR…1sMs188k8z (This is still up for debate but this doctor is very knowledgeable.)

  4. CC says:

    I’m not sure I get the need for your humor and reference of “pimps”, who are also known as traffickers, and making fun of the person who would have one, victims of sexual abuse and trafficking. That person is and has been a victim. As an educated man I would think you’d know better. Just stick to the medical references.

    1. Arkay Bee says:

      Ugggggh…CC, I think perhaps you have a stick wedged somewhere that’s a bit too tight! The man and his message are 100% awesome! Police yourself (comrade), not comedy.

    2. Drupiter says:

      Oh boooo hoooooo wahhhhh. Im s0o0o0o0o offended. No humor allowed folks! Lets all self quarantine until we loose our minds and not dare try to laugh because people wittle sensative fweelings will get whut

  5. Sandra says:

    Dr. Vuong, you are a great teacher. I thank you for sharing and making this COVID-19 clearer, and how it works. The people I shared it with are more careful
    But, could you omit the expletives. Thanks, again.

  6. Jon says:

    Thank you for your clarity, your passion and your truth telling ! Keep healthy!

  7. Kim Kelly says:

    TY!! Very helpful!

  8. James says:

    Very informative — but you detract from your professionalism w humor / pimp comment and swear words — some won’t take you seriously when they need to. Otherwise very helpful.

  9. Linda Thomas says:

    I really appreciate you taking the time to put this video together in terms that are easily understood by all!

  10. Yolanda Roy says:

    Dr. Duc Vong U I need to show this video to my middle Schulz students asasp! Could you possibly edit to delete some of the profanity? Thanks Yolanda Roy M. Ed.

  11. Lynn M says:

    Thank you for this. You explain things clearly. For those objecting to his cussing, the ones who are ignorantly denying the levity of this need the straight talk. Hopefully, they will listen to his frank, blunt approach. I’m not bothered by his cussing. I’m bothered by people not taking this threat seriously. Today is 3/31/20 and we are #1 now, as he predicted. I’m sure he’s right about India too. We need to slow the progression by following social distancing and good hygiene. The experts are predicting upwards of 200,000 people will die from this!! We must flatten the curve! Please share and be safe! Our lives count on it!

  12. Gerard says:

    Thanks for this inlightment, some people are still more concerned about specifics but in reality we need a wake up call, this is a fucking serious situation! ✌️

  13. Bernie says:

    Thank you for this. Excellent information. I have passed on to everyone I know.

  14. Susan McAndrews says:

    Very thorough presentation…and sobering! Thank you. I have friends that need to see this but are not on social media. This is my first time viewing and my first comment. Apparently someone else said similar.

  15. Robert H Spears says:

    Great video, there were parts that actually made me laugh out loud. As an old Army medic, I can say, even Marines will now be able to understand what this virus does. Thanks !!!!

  16. Bernie Bak says:

    Can you please explain why this novel coronavirus is different from the seasonal flu that kills tens of thousands each year? Why is this worse than the flu? Thanks

    1. Eric Klien says:

      The coronavirus is lethal enough to cause hospitals to get overwhelmed. This is why people are panicking. It will probably end up being 0.1 to 0.3% lethal so this crisis will end within a few months. (I’m assuming there are a lot of people who are infected but don’t have major symptoms so they don’t get tested. This assumption is based on how quickly it spread to about every country which seems to indicate that A LOT of people are infected.)

  17. Mike Wurzburger says:

    Very insightful. Thank you dr. V.

  18. Patrick Warsalla says:

    Thanks Doc, I was hospitalized in Nov, I had been diagnosed with Pneumonia in Sept, 3 rounds of antibiotics and nothing would touch it, had high temps and chills and shakes that I could not control. I have COPD and am 64 yrs old. Also had smoked for 40+ yrs (1.5 yrs smoke free). After hospitalization doctor called in a pulmonalogist, had a bronchioscopy done, and took samples. CT scans showed a lesion in upper right lobe and pneumonia in the right lung. After a couple weeks they still could not diagnose it correctly, though maybe a fungal infection since I had been exposed to food mold in late August. Long story short spent 1 month in the hospital (1 week in isolation until TB could be ruled out) then 3 weeks at home infusion of zysol and oral Cipro and a anti-fungal. Felt much better but still had cough with phlegm in morning, in fact still have it but latest CT scan with contrast showed vast improvement in the lesion (empty not infected) and no signs of pneumonia. I will tell people do not mess with this shit, I may not have had it but I damn well am making sure I don’t get the COVID-19. Other than my cough (wet) in the morning I feel great. I don’t go out but to get a few groceries and go early in the morning with less people, put gas in my car and I go out to take walks since it sparsely populated in my area of town. Thank you for a well given presentation and clear information on what is really going on in a persons lung with and without COVID-19!! Kudos for job well done!

  19. rudolph golia says:

    thank you so much.That was’t really what I wanted to see,if you know what i mean. excellent

  20. Dan Keating says:

    Thank you for your Covid-19 video chat!

  21. Fabulous, thank you. Fast-paced, honest, empowering, direct and unapologetic. I’ve shared this on my medical FB page and just wanted to compliment you on being an excellent teacher and thank you for stepping outside your area of expertise for the sake of public health.

  22. McNeer says:

    Great video. My ten year old also loved it (after I explained what a pimp was and why one would reference the virus as a f@&ker). She said, “If this guy could be a teacher, we would all be a lot more educated.” Thank you; will share.

    1. Aleatha Hughes says:

      Thank you for your honesty and unapologetic way you explained that it is okay to share valuable information with our children (when indeed it is with our own children) even when there are cuss words- to make a point. This man was on point and indeed this virus does act like a pimp and is a f^#ck%r! We need to all heed his words and this has been, by far, the most informative video or information I have come across so far online! You are my hero Dr. V! You and all the other professionals out there risking their lives as well as those not counted as professionals in the work force — at grocery stores, drive thru restaurants, delivery options that we have and that includes our janitors picking up after everyone! These are the forgotten professionals!! Thank goodness for UPS, Fed Ex, and of course the postal service!

  23. sharon says:

    Thankyou! Love your videos .. you so upfront and this is what we all need ! hugs

  24. James says:

    U speak about the immune system killing the body because it is defending.
    So does a healthy immune system help or lowered immune system more helpful here

  25. Harry says:

    What an informative video. Well done. Thank you! Spells it out very clearly. Loved the visuals and the pimp analogy. I definitely don’t want to get this disease… or pass it on to others.

  26. k derrion says:

    Thank you for the great information. I want to make two corrections about aerosolized viruses. Aerosolized viruses are in fact “droplets” that are small enough or light enough to become airborne (or suspended in the air. Also, masks with proper filtration are effective against airborne virus particles. Even masks without filtration can provide some protection against aerosolized viruses.

  27. JAMES CROFT says:

    Just want to say thank you so much for the info.. If I could help in any way please let me know how..

    1. Eric Klien says:

      “If I could help in any way”

      Any interesting posts at https://www.facebook.com/groups/lifeboatfoundation would be appreciated.

  28. T Rollins says:

    Very informative!!
    I did share your video because of all of the informative content. That part was amazing!
    However, I had to warn people of the expletives when I posted the video. They really are not necessary.
    Some of us just don’t care for them and especially with people being quarantined with little ones around!
    I Love humor but can do without the FBomb.

  29. Liava Moevao says:

    Thank you for the very informative information and taking your time to share your wisdom and knowledge to save the human race!
    Thank you and God bless you! Please don’t stop sharing your knowledge!

  30. I am a retired nurse and I currently work with handicapped adults as a residential support. I am also 67 years old. I am really needed to work at the house so I am. I have been pretty much only going from home to the house and back and very limited time at the grocery store a couple times. I am trying to be very diligent and careful, washing my hands frequently, disinfecting things, etc. So thank you for the information — I am passing it along as much as possible.
    On another note, I had gastric bypass surgery 20 years ago and have done well until the last 2 years. I put on 40 pounds which isn’t that bad because I was quite thin. However, I would like to lose 20 or 30 of it because I just felt better. I walk when the weather is nice and I hardly sit down when I’m at work (I normally have 2 jobs but because of the coronavirus my other place is closed). Can you give me any tips on how I might go about dropping even some of that 40 pounds? I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you.

  31. Thank You very much for this video, my 69-year young grandmother is a receiver of a lap band and has all of the above medical issues that you stated in the video and your video is been a great deal of help for a report I am writing for school after my mom used it to school my entire family ( and all of Facebook ) on the coronavirus. Your video is greatly appreciated.

  32. Gary L Clement PhD says:

    Your video on Covid-19 is well done and informative. The dialog that you utilize is effective and drives home the point. Further explanations/examples of potential paths that the virus could take to get into the human body would help to drive home your message and educate the public.

  33. Ann Thomas says:

    You have shared some great facts and the sponge was a super prop. You would be more shareable without the profanity and antics. Short and to the point is best, this was like those infomercials which go on forever waiting for the sales pitch. Wish I could edit out the BS

  34. Kim Childress says:

    Love it.. even the profanity!!! However no shout out to the hard working Respiratory Therapist??

  35. Joy C says:

    Update with this week’s numbers
    and adjusted projections?

  36. The video was extremely helpful. My husband and I both watched it. I took a lot of notes that I plan to share eventually but best way now is to share your video with others
    However, I must say, we could do well without the profanity. We would like to share this knowledge with our grandchildren, and although I’m sure they’ve heard these terms before, they are highly offensive to us and inappropriate to share with our family, ‘coming from Nana and Papa.
    Please continue the Work you are doing to educate people about this deadly disease, which is neither political or media-frenzy, although they are making a mint from it. Please cut the profanity and come out with a clean video that is appropriate for all, even our 100 ye old friend! Thank you

  37. Josie Camacho says:

    Thank you for a thorough graphic review of your video of the coronavirus and CD 19. In this period, everyone feels powerless. But, with your presentation, education is power. The power that we can control our surroundings — sheltering in place — to limit the contagious spread of CD 19. Please cut the profanity and we can share with other family and friends who will share with their children.

  38. C Marshall (triple fake Koko) says:

    Howdy doc. Thanks for info.
    I’m curious and would like for you to comment about the data that recently came out of Iceland that suggests that ~50% of positive covid-19 tests show no symptoms. You used the number of 80% (~3:44 of your video) showing mild symptoms. That’s a large discrepancy so I was wanting to get your thoughts and any updated info medical professionals have.

    1. C Marshall (triple fake Koko) says:

      Also, you use the peak time around mid-May. I’m wanting to know what models you are using to suggest that mid-May is the peak? I have no reference point, but does CDC or NIH have models for something novel like this? How do you project numbers like this.

  39. Tdizzledizzle says:

    Thank you Dr V for your explanation of ARDS and causes. You were enthusiastic truthful knowledgeable and sincere I learned from it thank you td
    Keep it up your doing good

  40. Ruth Hunt says:

    Dr. Vying,
    I am on medical leave with IGg subclass difiency due to covid19. I had pneumonia 8 times last year. Thank you for your video. My Dr. took me out of work till June, tentatively. I’m a phlebotomist, I feel guilty for not being there on the front lines to help! I want to work! What should I do?
    I also have copd. Thank you for all you do!!!

  41. Ruth Hunt says:

    Dr. Vuong,
    I am on medical leave with IGg subclass difiency due to covid19. I had pneumonia 8 times last year. Thank you for your video. My Dr. took me out of work till June, tentatively. I’m a phlebotomist, I feel guilty for not being there on the front lines to help! I want to work! What should I do?
    I also have copd. Thank you for all you do!!!

  42. Michelle says:

    I know some co- teachers who would love to use this awesome explanation as a lesson while we teach from home but cannot because of the language and reference to pimps. Could you cut these out to make a student friendly version?

  43. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Dr. Vuong. This is a very good and informative video. I will now share it with my friends and family. Simple and straight talk we MUST all be heeding.

  44. Dustin says:

    Thanks for the explanation.it was a good information.

  45. Lisa Blanton says:

    Dr Vuong, I’ve been in ARDS before and am on oxygen 24/7. I’m so thankful for your video as so many cannot imagine the “drowning experience”. I am afraid but am ADVOCATING daily. Again, thanks for your blog/video. Praying all those who are ignorant will somehow get with the program immediately!

  46. Musa says:

    Well illustrated Doc.It calls for all of us to comply with the standards recommended by WHO.The virus is lethal capable of wiping out the entire humankind


    A N D.



  49. Kim says:

    This video is brilliant. As a nurse, it is so refreshing to see a doctor be real, and funny as hell to boot! THANK YOU

  50. Paula says:

    Thank you for helping me understand so that I can educate those in our “high risk” home!

  51. Aaron says:

    Your knowledgeable and we need this but can you have professionalism and humor…lose the swearing and pimp talk…it makes you look less knowledgable and educated, as well us shareable.

  52. When one tries to give out a message, as I as a writer am well aware of, one need at times to use something that stirs the mind and remember your message. I held that the “pimp” referral was excellent and indeed explaining how you put a persons head in water it can be deadly after a minute or so. That is precisely what might be the issue with lungs. Too me this is a message that will be remembered by many. I for one can only but thank Duc for how he presented it all. After all he seeks in his own ways to assist others to STAY ALIVE and understand what it is really about.