Apr 5, 2020

Backstory on Covid 19 patient treated with Exosomes two days ago in Jersey

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If new cells, with new DNA, RNA polymerases and nucleotides can be generated to replace the cells affected by the virus, the enzyme of the virus can be eliminated, and the virus will be unable to make copies of its RNA. This can be done by stimulating the stem cells to become cells with new DNA, RNA, proteins, and nucleotides. Stem Cell Neurotherapy sends therapeutic messages to the DNA inside the stem cells’ nucleus. DNA sends the information to the RNA molecules called messenger RNA. The transfer RNA synthesizes proteins to carry out the instructions given by messenger RNA templates for the stem cells to become new cells and tissues to replace those infected by the coronavirus. We have produced and developed Stem Cell Neurotherapy for COVID-19 patients. The therapy is designed to help the patients generate new cells in their lungs, liver, kidney, and other organs to replace those cells that have been infected by COVID-19. These new cells will eliminate the fever, coughing, headaches, breathing problems, and other symptoms related to COVID-19. More details are at: Stem Cell Neurotherapy on Facebook…

How did a U.S. patient in a New Jersey hospital become the first presumed Covid 19 respiratory failure patient in the world to receive stem cell exosomes? Get the inside scoop!


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  1. Suhair says:

    Waw only after 4 days they began the treatment

  2. David Lapine says:

    If MSCs have a “first pass” through the chest cavity / lungs would you not think that they would be a better option than exosomes which are quite minuscule and do not pass through the lungs first? Of course no HLA and less clotting concerns, along with the ability to keep exosomes in a standard refrigerator freezer with 2 month shelf life.

    Thanks for your information!

  3. Dr. Tucker Woods says:

    Hi, I am chief medical officer at Christ Hospital in New Jersey. Which hospital in NJ is using this as a treatment? We have many COVID patients and I am curious to learn more. My cell is: 201−744−9540 Thanks

    1. Eric Klien says:

      The hospital name wasn’t mentioned but you can contact the doctor who was in charge of this experiment at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dougspielmd.

    2. Dante says:

      I believe it was Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, NJ.

    3. Florencia Faire says:

      There is not a virus, just exosomes. You have to use oxidative therapy
      Chlorine dioxide is being tested now https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04343742
      You could try it.

  4. Robert berry Davis says:

    It seems to me and I don’t have a medical background but am a student natural history and Biology for 20 years that this COVID 19 is an impostor cell replicating in our own respiratory systems, but using exosomes against sounds illegitimate.