Apr 11, 2020

Covid-19 Research Update: Dr. Jacob Glanville and Sarah Ives

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Join us for LIVE updates as Dr. Jacob Glanville and Sarah Ives give the world the latest news on the novel research being done in the fight against #Covid19.

- Today at 2:45PST — LEARN MORE about all of the amazing things happening in their world by clicking the links below!

www.distributedbio.com www.centivax.com #Centivax #Dbio #DistributedBio #Biotechnology #Research #Antibodies #Pandemic


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  1. Andrew Smith says:

    Have been watching your team move and getting a better understanding of the type of influenza outbreaks that are common yet different reactions to different people. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Looking forward to donating to the cause.

  2. Group Captain KK John (R) says:

    Dear Dr Jacob,

    1. The whole world is waiting for your team’s success. Your success will save the world
    2. I have kept your name in our altar and praying for you and Your team
    3. I am from Bangalore India
    4. Our prayer “Oh Lord, You will draw many people of your choice to solve a particular situation in the World. You have selected this team for your work in the world. We pray that He will fill your team with wisdom and take your hands where you can give your gift to the world through Dr Jacob Glanville and his team“
    Thank you Lord
    God bless … We are all looking at you Sir

    John K