Apr 30, 2020

Fox News John Roberts & New York Times Caught on Hot Mic Discussing COVID-19 as a Hoax & Vaccinated

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“Everybody here’s been vaccinated anyway”

“It’s a hoax”

Given that I can’t see the man talking’s mouth due to his face mask I have trouble blindly assuming this video is true. Is that my own cognitive dissonance though? Was awfully weird to see Pence walking around the Mayo Clinic face mask less. Almost seemed to me like he felt like he had protection against the virus. Was it just his religious faith that inspired him to act with such little caution or is there something big here that we aren’t being told?

Fox News’ John Roberts Caught on Hot Mic Discussing COVID-19 as a Hoax.
& said “everyone here has been vaccinated anyway!”

Video became Viral after it captured an informal exchange between Roberts and New York Times photographer Doug Mills.

Video documents a hot-mic exchange between Fox News reporter John Roberts and a “fake news tech” in which they admit COVID-19 was a hoax, and that everyone in the news media has already been vaccinated.

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