Apr 19, 2020

Quantum Computing Milestone: Researchers Compute With ‘Hot’ Silicon Qubits

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Two research groups say they’ve independently built quantum devices that can operate at temperatures above 1 Kelvin—15 times hotter than rival technologies can withstand.

The ability to work at higher temperatures is key to scaling up to the many qubits thought to be required for future commercial-grade quantum computers.

A team led by Andrew Dzurak and Henry Yang from the University of New South Wales in Australia performed a single-qubit operation on a quantum processor at 1.5 Kelvin. Separately, a team led by Menno Veldhorst of Delft University of Technology performed a two-qubit operation at 1.1 Kelvin. Jim Clarke, director of quantum hardware at Intel, is a co-author on the Delft paper. Both groups published descriptions of their devices today in Nature.

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