May 7, 2020

Health & Aging post COVID-19: Ole | Apollo, Aubrey | SENS, Sonia | 100 Plus Capital, Reason | Repair

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Aubrey De Grey and Reason from ’ Fight Aging’:

How can the current public focus on health be leveraged to promote a focus on prevention of disease, and aging as root cause for diseases?

Ole mensching, apollo ventures aubrey de grey, SENS research foundation sonia arrison, 100 plus capital reason, fightaging

Zoom Session Transcriptions: https://otter.ai/s/2brwTOXwS4qcBOe8P_1Jhw

Hivemind | long-term futures in times of acute crisis.

If a catastrophe is an event which causes the loss of most expected value, a eucatastrophe is an event which causes there to be much more expected value after the event than before.
Currently, there may be a few unique opportunities to steer the COVID-19 crisis away from catastrophe toward eucatastrophe.

Some demand urgency given the speed with which the crisis is changing and the likely short time-window in which it will be possible to push for those ideas. The earlier we start exploring options, the better.

Foresight Hivemind is a three-weeks global online workshop to develop promising opportunities into action.

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