May 18, 2020

Two Studies Just Revealed How Twisted Graphene Gets Even Weirder at a ‘Magic Angle’

Posted by in categories: computing, quantum physics

Graphene has already proven itself to be a weird and wonderful material in many different ways, but its properties get even more unusual and exotic when it’s twisted – and two new studies have given scientists a much closer look at this intriguing phenomenon.

When two sheets of graphene are put together at slightly different angles, the resulting material becomes either very effective at conducting electricity, or very effective at blocking it. It’s known as ‘magic-angle’ twisted graphene, and knowing more about how and why this happens could lead to advances in high-temperature superconductors and quantum computing.

Now for the first time, scientists have mapped out a twisted graphene structure in its entirety, and at a very high resolution. They’ve also been able to get ‘graphene twistronics’ working with four layers of graphene as well as just two.

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