Jun 20, 2020

Breakthrough in Age Reversal With Youngblood Plasma — Dr Harold Katcher — CTO Nugenics Research

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Dr. Harold has been a pioneer in the field of cancer research, in the development of modern aspects of gene hunting and sequencing. He carries expertise in bioinformatics, chronobiology, and biotechnology and is currently working in the capacity of Chief Technical Officer at Nugenics Research Pvt Ltd. exploring in anti-aging modalities.
They recently released a paper online on #biorxiv regarding their breakthrough research on Human Age Reversal using Young Blood #plasma, the paper’s authors include recognized Longevity academician Steve Horvath.

The paper also caught the attention of #davidsinclair the leading researcher/voice in the field of Human Longevity.
Dr Katcher spoke about how & why he moved from cancer research to Human Longevity, his research & results of 54% age reversal in Rats, his partner #akshaysanghavi, the future road map/timelines on how & when this might be commercially available.


0:25- Introduction
1:14- Approach to Reverse Aging
5:49 –Aging a Progression
8:09 — Age Reversal Experiment Results
9:59 — What is the DNA Methylation Clock
13:12 –Young Blood plasma
14:23 — Chronological Limit on Reverse Aging
17:20 — Side Effects if any on the Rats
18:07 — Nugencis Research & Biz Partner Akshay Sanghavi
20:06 — Response from Peers
22:50 — Reason to Move From pioneering Cancer Research to Aging
29:00 –Rats to Dogs & the then Human testing
30:00 — Immortal Jellyfish

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