Jul 17, 2020

Gene Therapy Today with Dr. Jason Williams and Liz Parrish

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This discussion includes Dr. Williams’ work with gene therapy, cancer research, and follistatin — a myostatin inhibitor. he administered to himself years ago.

Dr. Williams, CMO of BioViva Science, is a radiologist with a passion for gene and cellular therapies that can be administered under image guidance. He also has an interest in image guided cancer therapies. He did research for several years with adenoviral vector technology for the treatment of cancer. He has spent the last five years involved in research using AAV technology. Dr. Williams obtained his medical degree from Louisiana State University and completed an internship in Internal Medicine followed by a residency in Radiology at The University Of South Alabama. In residency, he was selected for the RSNA Research Fellow award.

He is board certified by The American Board of Radiology with additional training in image guided cancer and spine procedures. His research interest is in gene therapy and re-programming of stem cells. He also has research interests in the use of CT and MRI guidance for minimally invasive procedures related to the spine and treatment of cancer.

Wlliams Cancer Institute:

Charlie Ilsley, the 13 year old being treated by Dr. Williams:

Learn more about follistatin gene therapy :

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