Aug 9, 2020

An Algorithm Has Been Developed to Obstruct AI Facial Recognition, and It’s Free to Use

Posted by in categories: information science, robotics/AI

Are you worried about AI collecting your facial data from all the pictures you have ever posted or shared? Researchers have now developed a method for hindering facial recognition.

It is a commonly accepted fact nowadays that the images we post or share online can and might find themselves being used by third parties for one reason or another. It may not be something we truly agree with, but it’s a fact that most of us have accepted as an undesirable consequence of using freely available social media apps and websites.

To avoid this happening, a team of researchers from the University of Chicago have developed an algorithm, named “Fawkes,” as an ode to Guy Fawkes, that works in the background to slightly alter your image, which is mostly unnoticeable to human eye. The reason for this is that companies, such as, Clearview, which collect large amounts of facial data, use artificial intelligence to find and connect one photograph of one’s face to another photograph from elsewhere. This connection is found by linking the similarities between the two photos. However, it doesn’t mean that the recognition only occurs when identical facial symmetry or characteristics, such as moles, are found. Facial recognition also looks into “invisible relationships between the pixels that make up a computer-generated picture of that face.”

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