Aug 19, 2020

Elon Musk World’s 1st Trillionaire (after Making $57.2B in 2020)

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First and foremost, I would likd to reiterate that Elon Musk is not motivated by money. Elon Musk uses his wealth to make a difference to mankind. Yes he makes billions (and deservedly) but he invests his billions for other projects too. From Tesla to Neuralink; from Starlink to The Boring Company. And for me the ever exciting SpaceX. My only wish is I live long enough to witness his many inventions and projects.

Four months ago when I did the video below and predicted that Elon Musk would be the World’s First Trillionaire, most people laughed and ridiculed the video especially as at that time Elon was only the 35th Richest Man in the World with a net worth of around the $30 Billion mark.

Fast forward four months later, Elon has added another £57.2 Billion to his net worth. And from 35th to 4th richest person in the world.

Imagine being the world’s first Trillionaire overcoming Jeff Bezos. What further projects will Elon do to advance the development of mankind. I for one, can’t wait.

Elon Musk has led Tesla to successfully pioneered the electric car. Will Tesla also propel Elon Musk as a potential candidate for the position of the world’s first trillionaire.

It might seem like a stretch, with Elon Musk’s current net worth of $29.6 billion and so many competitors ahead of him, but it’s for the future potential of his countless projects that some believe he has a fighting chance at taking the title.

If Tesla continued to grow rapidly, how much would it have to grow for Elon to have a shot at the trillion dollar mark? That question brings us to his 2018 compensation plan. When the details of the new payment plan got out to the media, it caused a bit of a stir. It was called the largest executive compensation deal in history and thought to be able to make him the richest man on the planet. But not without reaching a couple of insane milestones first. Under the plan, Elon would have to raise Tesla’s value to $100 billion first, with each milestone being $50 billion higher – all the way up to $650 billion. This would mean increasing the company’s value 11-fold, making Tesla into one of the five biggest US companies – and all of this by 2028. Even though Tesla recently did reach over $100 billion before dropping slightly below it, the plan can still be considered ridiculously ambitious. But even if it were realised and Tesla reached the $650 billion mark, with Elon Musk’s stake then amounting to 28.3% in best case scenario, his net worth would only reach $184 billion. This could still easily make him the richest man in the world, but far below a trillion dollars in net worth.

So, the only way that it would be even possible for Elon to reach that number would be for not only Tesla, but all of his other ventures to do extremely well.


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