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Aug 16, 2020

Penultimate piece of NASA’s first SLS rocket arrives at Kennedy Space Center

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One of the final pieces for the first test flight of NASA’s huge Space Launch System heavy-lift rocket recently arrived at the Kennedy Space Center, joining other elements already at the Florida spaceport awaiting shipment of the SLS core stage once it completes testing at a NASA facility in Mississippi.

The Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter, or LVSA for the first SLS test launch arrived at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida aboard NASA’s Pegasus barge July 29. Early the next day, hours before the liftoff of NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover from a launch pad a few miles away, ground crews transferred the LVSA from the Pegasus barge into the Vehicle Assembly Building at the Florida spaceport.

The LVSA is the second-to-last element of the first Space Launch System rocket to arrive at the Kennedy Space Center. The biggest piece of the rocket, known as the core stage, is expected to arrive at Kennedy after test-firing of its four main engines on a test stand in Mississippi later this year.

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