Sep 19, 2020

Neuralink’s Biggest Rival You Haven’t Heard Of: Openwater

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Interesting technology looking to revolutionize both medical imaging and brain computer interfacing.

Han from WrySci HX explains the amazing Openwater system, which could rival Neuralink in the Brain Machine Interface space. More below ↓↓↓

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0:00 — Introduction
0:53 — Company and Founder
2:38 — How the tech works
4:49 — Applications including BMI
7:41 — Why it may rival Neuralink

This is also pretty cool https://www.sens.org/
Transhumanism is the way =] Let’s reduce suffering through science and technology.

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Neuralink’s Biggest Rival You Haven’t Heard Of: Openwater by Han from WrySci HX.

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