Oct 20, 2020

1750HP SSC Tuatara crushed Bugatti speed record, became the world’s fastest car with 508.7 km/h

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The worlds fastest car!?

The title of world’s fastest production vehicle is now snatched by the SSC Tuatara from the hands of Bugatti.

The 1750hp hypercar recorded an average speed of 508.73 km/h on a pair of record runs. The car hit 532.93 km/h on the faster run; it hit 485.54 km/h on the slower run.

Tuatara is the latest creation of a boutique American car company, SSC North America, founded by Jerod Shelby in 1998. The car fetches a 5.9Litre V8 engine with 1750hp horsepower and 1735 N/m torque, weights at 1247 kg, with a whopping $1.6million price tag.

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