Oct 17, 2020

Scientists Have Lost Two Giant ‘Murder Hornets’ After Trackers Come Loose

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It’s the second time in a matter of weeks that one of the insects has evaded researchers. 🤯😬

After issues with their trackers, Washington scientists have lost track of two giant ‘murder hornets’.

Asian giant hornets, often dubbed ‘murder hornets’ due to their blown-out reputation, began falling onto people’s radars in November last year. Earlier in May, it was confirmed the species had arrived in the US, with a total of 18 having been spotted.

They are rather frightening, with the queens measuring out at five centimetres long. They have an orange-yellow head, a dark thorax and spiky mandibles, also armed with a potent venom. However, there’s no need for any hysteria – they aren’t buzzing to kill you.

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