Nov 12, 2020

Japanese Scientists Create Technology to Control Small Gundam Robots With Their Minds

Posted by in categories: mobile phones, robotics/AI

Japanese researchers have created a mind-controllable Gundam robot, turning one of the anime’s most exciting technological concepts into reality.

The model, based on the mobile suit Zaku, has been available through Bandai’s Zeonic Technics package since last year, but that version requires manual programming on a smartphone app.

【課題】 来週から休暇に入る受講生は、この機会にミニチュアザクを組み立てて、課題に挑戦をして欲しい 今回の課題はプログラムだ。アクションコードに音声をプログラムした。 簡単に音声は追加出来るぞ。 #ジオニックテクニクス #ZEONICTECHNICS pic.twitter.com/rX5OSisXs1

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