Nov 18, 2020

Researchers hacked a robotic vacuum cleaner to record speech and music remotely

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It seems these robots could be used to spy on you from home. 😃

A team of researchers demonstrated that popular robotic household vacuum cleaners can be remotely hacked to act as microphones.

The researchers—including Nirupam Roy, an assistant professor in the University of Maryland’s Department of Computer Science—collected information from the laser-based in a popular vacuum robot and applied and deep learning techniques to recover speech and identify playing in the same room as the device.

The research demonstrates the potential for any device that uses light detection and ranging (Lidar) technology to be manipulated for collecting , despite not having a microphone. This work, which is a collaboration with assistant professor Jun Han at the University of Singapore was presented at the Association for Computing Machinery’s Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys 2020) on November 18, 2020.

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