Nov 26, 2020

US Army Developing Tech To Read Soldiers’ Minds

Posted by in categories: military, neuroscience

US army wants to be able read soldiers minds. This would enable machines to detect stress and soldier intentions to correct them. It could also allow them to communicate with each other with just their brain signals.

Communicating silently through the mind sounds at home in a Marvel film, but now the US Army is delivering technology to do it. With that said, it may be a while before tangible results are seen.

Research funded by the US Army has managed to decode brain signals that impact action, and has also managed to separate signals that change behaviour from those that do not.

As a result of this breakthrough, it’s hoped that machines will be able to understand the intentions of soldiers and correct them before action is taken. This could protect soldiers by detecting stress, and it seems the technology could have even more significant use if further research is successful.

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