Dec 5, 2020

Google’s AI Makes Its Own AI Children – And They’re Awesome

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Google is betting big on artificial intelligence (AI), and it’s clearly paying off. Apart from offering up collections of code that best the world’s board game champions, they’ve also managed to create an AI that, in effect, designs its own AI – and its creations have gone from analyzing words to disseminating complex imagery in a matter of months.

On a company blog post from May of this year, engineers explain how their AutoML system (Automated Machine Learning) gets a controller AI – which we can perhaps call the “parent” in a colloquial sense – that proposes designs for what the team call a “child” AI architecture.

The child is then given a task, and feedback is sent to the parent. This allows the parent to improve how it designs a second child, and so on and so forth, thousands of times over. This self-reinforcing learning mechanism allows it to develop AI children that ultimately are better than anything human engineers can make.

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