Dec 30, 2020

Looking Back At 2020 — Tesla/SpaceX/Starlink/5G/mRNA + more

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Are you fed up with all the negativity?

Between Tesla, SpaceX (Starship & Starlink), 5G, mRNA vaccines and more, 2020 has been an eventful year full of breakthroughs all set to make our lives better, and ushering in a sci-fi future quicker than ever…so I brought them all together in one video to celebrate the great people working tirelessly to make our future better.

If you want a feel good boost, why not drop by and spend a few mins revelling in the positive stories of 2020.

Have an awesome New Year!!

In Looking Back At 2020 I want to review the year to show that for all the bad, there was still some amazing good and positive stories that refused to take a back seat.

Here I will look at Tesla and their battery technology breakthroughs, their full self driving (Level 5 autonomy) breakthroughs, the Starship by SpaceX and also their starlink technology, the roll out of 5G, the amazing mRNA vaccine and all the others, developed in with amazing speed, and fully tested to get us vaccinating already, and the breakthroughs in homeworking that show it can be done, a boon for those with mobility challenges and other commitments that mean all day, every day at a specific office location is not the only option.
What are your highlights?
Here’s to an amazing 2021.

And why not have a look at the amazing technology that will change this decade in ways most cannot even imagine yet…exciting time to be alive.

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