Dec 16, 2020

New autosteering system works without GPS

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

“When was the last time you lost a correction signal when running a tractor or combine in the field? In Russia, that’s an even bigger problem, but because of that, a new tool is being deployed — a vision-based guidance system. That’s where Cognitive Agro Pilot comes in. “This system detects obstacles, including people, animals, metallic objects and stones along its way, without GPS navigation and RTK positioning,” says Olga Uskova, CEO, Cognitive, based in Moscow. “Cognitive Agro Pilot can operate in territories with a weak satellite signal.” The company has developed a system that uses a high-definition camera in an armored housing that can “see” ahead. Tied to an artificial intelligence system, the systems provide precision guidance. This is more than following a row.”

Russian firm Cognitive Agro Pilot is using computer vision and machine learning for precision guidance.

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