Dec 11, 2020

WebConference on Space Safety — Space Renaissance Congress 2021 “Civilian Space Development”

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**2021 Space Renaissance [Webinar Series “SPACE SAFETY”](https://spacerenaissance.space/event/webconference-on-space-safety-space-renaissance-congress-2021-civilian-space-development/)**

Sunday December 13th 16:00 UTC

Live streaming on [Facebook Space Renaissance Initiative Group](https://www.facebook.com/events/3842711565750385/)


- tommaso sgobba, IAASS — space safety.

- jonathan tate, spaceguard UK — dangerous asteroids monitoring & defense.

- Joe Pelton, GALIX, former Director at International Space University — Space Weather.

- Luigina Feretti, INAF Italy — Protection from Cosmic Radiations.

- stefano antonetti, D-ORBIT italy — space debris.

**Moderates**: Adriano V. Autino, SRI, President.

**Call for Papers**

[Register for free to the Congress](https://2021.spacerenaissance.space/index.php/registration/), and [submit a paper abstract](https://2021.spacerenaissance.space/index.php/call-for-papers-abstract-submission/).

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