Jan 3, 2021

Abu Dhabi is going to build the world’s largest indoor farm

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Considering the innovations in vertical farming, it seems indoor farming is gaining even more steam.

Abhu Dhabi is now about to build the world’s largest indoor farm; overcoming their desert climate and making efficient use of their limited water supply. It will be able to produce 10000 tonnes of fresh vegies every 12 months.

Very cool! 😃

THE DESERT emirate of Abu Dhabi is set to have the world’s largest indoor farm, capable of producing more than 10000 tonnes of fresh vegetables every 12 months.

Abu Dhabi’s intense climate means that for eight months of the year it is impossible to grow vegetables naturally.

The planned 17.5 hectare structure will shield agriculture from the desert heat and be able to grow produce with 5 percent of the water that would otherwise be required.

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