Jan 1, 2021

Episode 31 — Interstellar Propulsion — What We Need to Make Star Trek Real

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Will humanity ever travel to the stars? This is a question for the ages and it remains as open as a deserted stretch of interstate highway. To answer this question, we need an international scientifically-based effort that can chip away at the physics needed to make Star Trek real. Please have a listen to this episode with Guest Marc Millis. Well worth your time.

Propulsion physicist Marc Millis talks about the prospects for fast, efficient interstellar travel. Millis was head of NASA’s Breakthrough Propulsion Program at Glenn Research Center outside Cleveland for years beginning in the mid-1990s. We discuss why the problem of traveling to the stars is so difficult and what would need to happen to help such dreams become a reality. It’s a lively and irreverent discussion!


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  1. Larry Melanson says:

    Full disclosure: I have zero to add to the propulsion discussion, having an interest but very little knowledge on the subject. I was, however, curious whether my city’s Perimeter Institute — Twitter @Perimeter — could be a “brain trust” that you could work with to investigate the principles that you discuss in your Podcast Episode 31, that I just finished listening to. Advanced physics research is their funded reason for being. Just a suggestion. Very much enjoyed the episode. Best regards!