Jan 14, 2021

Gateway Foundation Gives a Detailed Update on its Voyager Station Concept

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In 2012, the Gateway Foundation was founded with the purpose of building the world’s first rotating space station in orbit – known as The Gateway. This is no easy task and must be preceded by establishing the necessary infrastructure in orbit and the creation of a series of smaller structures to test the concept. This includes the Voyager Class station, a rotating structure designed to produce varying levels of artificial gravity.

In recent months, the Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) – founed in 2018 by the Gateway team – began working on a crucial component, known as the DSTAR. These and other updates about their Voyager Class station were the subjects of a recent video featuring Foundation and OAC CEO John Blincow. According to Blincow, he and his colleagues will be performing a demonstration and making a big announcement in the coming weeks!

The design for The Gateway was inspired by the Von Braun Wheel, a proposal made by German rocket scientist and space architect Wernher von Braun. This, in turn, was inspired by earlier concepts like the pinwheel space station prosed by Russian scientist and “father of astronautics” Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. In 1903, he released a treatise titled, Exploration of Outer Space by Means of Rocket Devices.

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