Feb 22, 2021

Ai-Da — The World’s First Humanoid, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot Artist

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The Aidan Meller Galley (www.aidanmeller.com) is Oxford’s longest established specialist gallery dealing in Modern, Contemporary and Old Master works.

Today we are joined by Aidan Meller, the Gallery Director, who with 20 years’ experience in the art business, works closely with private collectors, is often consulted by those who wish to begin, or further develop their collections, and is the creator of the Aidan Meller Art Prize, a valuable resource for the development of the arts.

Aidan regularly has original works in the gallery by the likes of Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, as well as older works such as John Constable, Turner and Millais, was involved in a discovery of a collection of Pre-Raphaelite cartoons for stained glass, is working with other experts in the field of scientific procedures for the authentication of artwork, and has been interviewed on a variety of current affair topics including the exhumation of Salvador Dali.

On today’s show we are going to be focusing on a rather new artist in the Meller portfolio, and that would be Ai-Da (www.ai-darobot.com), the world’s first ultra-realistic, humanoid, artificial intelligence (AI) robot artist, who makes drawings, painting, and sculptures.

Ai-Da is named after the mathematician Ada Lovelace, combines the latest in computing, robotics, and AI innovations, including those developed at Leeds University, and University of Oxford, and represents a fascinating milestone in AI innovation, human collaboration and creativity.

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