Feb 9, 2021

His Royal Majesty Oba Dokun Thompson, Eti-Oni, Osun — Revitalizing The Cocoa Value Chain In Nigeria

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Revitalizing the cocoa value chain in nigeria — his royal majesty oba dokun thompson, oloni of eti-oni ijesa — eti-oni development group.

Eti-Oni is a town located in The State of Osun, in south-west Nigeria. Eti-Oni is one of the numerous towns that make up the ancient majestic Kingdom of Ilesa.

Eti-Oni is the home of one of the oldest known cocoa plantations in Nigeria and it was from Eti-Oni that cocoa was spread to many other communities of south-west Nigeria. The crop over time became one of Nigeria’s major cash crops, a major source of income for the then South West Region of Nigeria before the discovery of crude oil in the late 1950s.

The indigenous people of Eti-Oni are part of the Ijesha clan of The State of Osun.

The town is ruled by a monarch, His Royal Majesty Oba Dokun Thompson, bearing the title of Oloni of Eti-Oni Land.

His Royal Majesty has a degree from the University of Ibadan in Mechanical Engineering and is also the head of the Eti-Oni Development Group, a community development organization, based in the town of Eti-Oni, looking to re-vitalize and expand into a variety of areas of the cocoa industry value chain, around the region.

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