Feb 27, 2021

Next of Kin

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Iya Iya.

Is that Trump in your picture profile, Roger? I don’t think I can take this post seriously for various reasons.

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Trent Condellone.

He’s going to chip the farmland, wait and see.

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Allow me one more indulgence, would you? I remember finding this on a bottom shelf in my local library when I was just a young kid with dreams of scientific study in my future. This was one of the first books I read on the study of chimpanzees. Next of Kin is a fascinating glimpse into the work of Roger Fouts and the surrounding team of scientists who attempted to teach a chimpanzee named Washoe how to communicate through sign language. This story has stayed with me for years as one I remember fondly and with great interest—and I’m not the only one. It currently holds a five-star rating on Amazon. Curious? Give it a read!

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