Mar 5, 2021

Election posters in Stuttgart with our advisory board member Aubrey de Grey for the state election in Baden-Württemberg on march 14th 2021

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The Partei für Gesundheitsforschung (German Party for Health Research) demands, that the state should invest about 5 billion Euro per year additionally into biomedical research to hasten the development of effective medicine against the diseases of old age.

Here is our election program in German: https://parteifuergesundheitsforschung.de/wahlprogramm-der-p…erttemberg.

Please also consider donating money to the party, so that we can participate in more future elections. To participate in this years federal election in 12 states we would need e.g. at least about 50.000 Euro and unfortunately the party has almost no money at the moment. Election campaigns are a very good way to do advocacy for our cause and we can reach a lot of people this way, that we otherwise wouldn’t reach. Donating details: https://parteifuergesundheitsforschung.de/donate.

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