Mar 24, 2021

Mammalian Target Of Rapamycin Kinase

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Following on in the vein of my recent topics, this week I am looking at mTOR. A crucial protein that performs the function of an enzyme that is critical for day to day function. There are so many terms and words, subjects and strategies, abound, and so many talk in terms where a basic understanding of the subject is necessary to benefit fully, that I decided to create a kind of library, or resource where you can brush up on all the core fundamentals. Should you stimulate mTOR or seek to restrict it? What will happen if I do? Is this a short term strategy or a lifestyle goal? And what is the real state of the science that underpins it all? These are all questions you, or friends, may have, or even may have heard but been unable to answer fully or concisely, hopefully these will help to reduce those issues. Next week I will be looking at its partner in crime, AMPK, together they exist in balance like a playground see-saw… Until then, have an amazing day…

In this video I will look at what mTOR is and how you can harness it to benefit your objectives. By controlling it we can achieve the balance we need which is to grow muscle to stay fit and strong, but also to not burn out too quickly, so we can live a long healthy life, with a long health span. Maximising anti aging to aid in longevity is delicate balance unique to us all and which varies depending on our current goals and objectives.

By learning how all these systems interrelate and interact, we can find the best pathway for our own personal journey, I hope this video goes some way to helping you chart that path.

If you want to know more about rapamycin which is the mTOR inhibitor mentioned, why not try this video next…

As always the links to the studies and information I referenced is below…

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