Mar 13, 2021

The Apple Car Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

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Tesla remains the king.

Ranjan KC

The Apple Car. Quite possibly the most hotly anticipated rumour of this decade. And last decade. Years in the making, and still years from its first appearance, what do we know about the Apple Car?

The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was said to be thinking about the company’s involvement in the automotive industry way back in 2008, the era of the iPhone 3G. Fast forward a few years and the Project Titan name begins to get thrown around, an Apple project destined to bring autonomous transport to life. More than 1000 employees were transferred onto this project in its early days.

Apple seemingly put all its eggs into this basket though, because in 2016 rumours had it that Project Titan was getting axed. After major staffing changes and leadership issues, the Project remains in operation today with John Giannandrea at the wheel — Apple’s artificial intelligence and machine learning chief.


Imagery supplied via Getty Images.

Apple Car

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