Mar 19, 2021

Why Does SpaceX’s Camera Cut Out During Landings?

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We all love watching SpaceX landing the Falcon 9, so why is it so difficult to get footage of it?


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  1. Art Slade says:

    I’ve had the same question in my head every time the Show a landing on their landing barge, maybe it really doesnt return as they say it DOES??? EVER NOTICE THE CAMERA SCREWS UP FOR A BREIF MOMENT AND AS THE SMOKE CLEARS “THERE IT IS! Came back and landed in perfect shape and in the landing circle perfect! NOT!

  2. Art Slade says:

    The explanation on the video makes sense , but at one point long after my facination with them landing it and able to reuse it I also THOUGHT they MIGHT just say they can do it to excellerate the intrest of their investors maybe?

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