Apr 14, 2021

Change Your Diet Change Your Life

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How seriously do you take your diet?

It is one of the foundations upon which everything else stands.

We have gone from abundant quality in a limited supply in our evolutionary past, to an abundance of quantity but with the quality now lacking (for many), and yet, as I show here, your health, future prospects for disease and illness, and ultimately, your longevity, are intrinsically linked.

In this video I take it right back to ground zero, and then bring the latest studies to bear, so we can see how it influences it all, so you can make the right decisions about what you should, and maybe should not, be eating.

Hope you find it of interest.

Have an amazing day!!

Your diet matters, and if you improve your diet, you will not only quickly reap the rewards, but you will reap them for a lot longer as well.

If you want to watch the video on the importance of sleep, then click here.

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