Apr 27, 2021

Clinical Trial Target & Timeline for Aging Diseases | Ms. Anja Krammer

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CEO of Turn. Bio at 3:40 talking about getting product to market in a few years rather than a decade.

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Ms. Anja Krammer, CEO of Turn Biotechnologies talks about the initial targets for ERA, the time line for clinical trials and FDA approval.
Turn Bio was co-founded by Dr. Vittorio Sebastiano to develop and market the Epigenetic Reprogramming of Aging technology that came out of his lab in Stanford University.
Ms. Krammer is a veteran of F500 healthcare and technology companies and co-founder of three Silicon Valley start ups. She is an entrepreneur who has built biotech, pharmaceutical and consumer businesses by assembling high-performance, results-driven teams and a counsellor to multiple enterprises, who has served on boards of public and private companies, industry organizations and foundation.

Turn Biotechnologies, Inc.

Paper on ERA Technology.
More papers by Dr. Sebastiano.

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