Apr 23, 2021

More than 1 million admin credentials to access Windows RDP servers for sale on dark web hacking forum

Posted by in category: cybercrime/malcode

A recent security report mentions that a dark web leak containing access keys has been published to more than 1.3 million Windows Remote Desktop servers. This is a clear indication of the scope of cybercrime and could even be binding on other incidents of which cybersecurity community knows little.

It’s not all bad news, as network administrators will also benefit from a new service launched by advanced cybersecurity firm Advanced Intel called RDPwned that allows you to verify whether an organization’s RDP credentials have been sold on the hacking black market.

As users may remember, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a Microsoft remote access solution that allows users to remotely access applications and the desktop of a Windows device. Due to their frequent use in corporate networks, malicious hackers develop an important market around the theft and sale of stolen access credentials to multiple public and private organizations.

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