Apr 18, 2021

This Unstoppable Robot Could Save Your Life

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😃 From robotic people, dogs, it seems scientists are now pushing forward with robotic vines. 😃

This robot has applications to archaeology, space exploration, and search and rescue — with a simple elegant design inspired by a plant. Sign up to Morning Brew for free today: https://ve42.co/mb.

Make your own Vine Robot! — https://www.vinerobots.org.
Special thanks to A/Prof. Elliot Hawkes, Nicholas Naclerio, Margaret Coad, David Haggerty for appearing in this video and showing off your amazing robots. For more info on vine (and other types of) robots check out https://ve42.co/HawkesLab, and https://ve42.co/CHARM

B-roll footage of robots from the supplementary materials of (Hawkes et al., 2017) https://ve42.co/VineVideos, and from Stanford University https://ve42.co/StanfordVideo.

Additional info on the intubation vine robot here: https://www.wardenchem.com/vine.

References: Hawkes, E. W., Blumenschein, L. H., Greer, J. D., & Okamura, A. M. (2017). A soft robot that navigates its environment through growth. Science Robotics, 2. — https://ve42.co/Hawkes2017

Coad, M. M., Blumenschein, L. H., Cutler, S., Zepeda, J. A. R., Naclerio, N. D., El-Hussieny, H.,… & Okamura, A. M. (2019). Vine robots: Design, teleoperation, and deployment for navigation and exploration. IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, 27, 120–132. — https://ve42.co/Coad2019

Blumenschein, L. H., Coad, M. M., Haggerty, D. A., Okamura, A. M., & Hawkes, E. W. (2020). Design, modeling, control, and application of everting vine robots. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 7. — https://ve42.co/Blumenschein2020

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