May 3, 2021

First Look at the Insane Virgin Galactic VSS Imagine Spaceship

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The Virgin Galactic spaceship, VSS Imagine has been unveiled, revealing a more modular spacecraft designed to resolve challenges.

“For us to make the business start to scale, at the places that we’re aspiring towards, we need two things,” says Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglazier. “We need many more ships than we have right now and we also need the ships that we bring forward to be built in a way that they’re able to be maintained in a way that we can have much quicker than what we have with Unity.” In order to achieve those two elements of success, Virgin Atlantic has unveiled their latest spacecraft, the VSS Imagine. The new addition to the fleet is the third spacecraft built by Virgin Galactic and “has been designed in a way that’s taken the learnings we’ve had from all the flight testing on Unity.”

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